Slides from RDA12 Plenary in Gaborone

08 Nov 2018

Thanks to everyone who attended our thought-provoking RDA12 plenary session!

You can find the slides from our three presentations here. They include:

  • An introduction to the working group's approach and work so far (by Jonathan Petters and Marina Soares e Silva, WG co-Chairs),
  • Wade Bishop's presentation on the data user perspective,
  • and Luiz Bonino's presentation on GOFAIR's approach and efforts.

Also attached is a PDF version of the working groups "Checklist for Evaluation of Dataset Fitness for Use" (still in draft)

We received a great amount of feedback in person, within our collaborative notes, and within other sessions in Gaborone. We intend to incorporate this feedback into a revised version of the checklist as part of our 'finalized' deliverables. Of course this work will need to continue!

-Jonathan Petters