Data Fitness session - Thursday the 21st of September 11:00 - 12:30, Breakout 8

14 Sep 2017

Dear all,
For those of you attending the RDA plenary meeting next week, we'd like to invite you to our session on Thursday the 21st of September. The session will take place in Mansfield 5 during breakout 8.
In this session, we will be discussing work on drafting definitions, establishing criteria and piloting possible implementations.
The agenda is as follows:
* Introduction and definitions - Helena Cousijn (10 min)
* Criteria:
FAIR-ness metrics - Susanna Sansone (10 min)
A "fit for purpose" flexible metadata approach - Luiz Olavo Bonino (10 min)
Discussion on criteria (15 min)
* Results:
Results FAIR assessment pilot - Lisa de Leeuw (10 min)
Fitness for use: Users of the U.S. Geological Survey Science Data Catalog - Wade Bishop (10 min)
Discussion on study outcomes (15 min)
* Next steps (10 min)
A draft document with definitions can be found here:
We look forward to seeing you next week.
Best wishes,
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