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29 Mar 2018

Hi Andrew,
the WG cleary aims at assessing data fitness for use. However, seing the complexity of the topic, this can only be approximated. So, eventually you are right, we help users to assess data fitness for use.
This is also why we have choosen to build on certification (CoreTrustSeal + additional component) as a fairly good proxy to most of the dimensions relevant for data fitness for use. By autumn we will hopefully have a testbed and then we will see how good this works. May be we need to recognize comments by users (if qualified), custodians or reviewers of science papers linked to the data. Or some requirements can be assessed using programmatic routines as suggested by GoFAIR.
Feel free to add comments to our spreadsheet ( ) aligning the current appoaches to the topic. The DANS approach will be added within the next weeks.
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thanks for this.
I noted that there was some discussion at the end of the session about whether the focus should be on assessing fitness of the data (done by the data custodians) or providing information to help with assessment of the fitness (done, variously, by data users).
Will these ideas be fed into the workplans of the group?
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Dear all,
Thanks for the good discussion in Berlin last week.
The PowerPoint presentations can now be found on the session webpage:
Best wishes, Helena
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Subject: Session at RDA plenary meeting > Breakout 4 (Thursday 11am), Room A03
Dear all,
With this email we’d like to invite you to attend the Data Fitness session taking place at the RDA plenary meeting this week.
Mustapha Mokrane, Shelley Stall and Peter Doorn will provide updates on relevant work in the area of Data Fitness, which will be followed by a proposal for Data Fitness criteria and a discussion on governance.
The meeting agenda can be found below this email.
For those not attending the RDA plenary meeting, remote attendance is possible.
Best wishes,
Claire, Jon, Michael and Helena
Meeting agenda
The session will be introduced with an overview on the progress of the group, in particular presenting the consolidated list of criteria characterizing fitness for use. The following presentations will outline various approaches for the evaluation of fitness for use of individual data sets. We will end with a discussion on the different possibilities for governance.
* Presentations (60 min)
* Data Fitness for Use as part of the CoreTrustSeal: Mustapha Mokrane – Chair of the CoreTrustSeal Board
* Assessing FAIRness within the Enabling FAIR Data project: Shelley Stall - Director of the AGU Data Program
* A design framework and exemplar metrics for FAIRness: Peter Doorn – Director of Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
* Proposed criteria Data Fitness for Use WG: Michael Diepenbroek – Co-Chair of the Data Fitness for Use WG
* Discussion on governance (30 minutes)
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