Ontology Metadata Task Group

Since 2017, the RDA VSSIG’s Ontology Metadata task group studies the question of metadata descroption for ontologies or semantic resource/artefacts in general. 

For a latest presentation of the activities of the group see here:


Work by the RDA VSSIG’s Ontology Metadata task group inculde: 

As any data, semantic resources (ontologies, thesaurus, vocabularies)…. need to be FAIR

Assessing the Practice of Ontology Metadata: A Survey

MOD1.4: A metadata vocabulary for ontology description and publication 

Harnessing the power of unified metadata in an ontology repository: the case of AgroPortal

MOD2.0: a DCAT2 extension/profile for semantic artefact => Work in progress



Contact: Clement Jonquet (jonquet@lirmm.fr)