Vocabulary and Semantic Service IG: Moving toward FAIR Semantics

01 Apr 2020
Groups audience: 


Dear all,

as announced we will have our virtual RDA Plenary 15 session tomorrow at

9:00 pm UTC - 11:00 pm UTC: Check the event time in your time zone IGVocabulary and Semantic Service IG: Moving toward FAIR Semantics
Remote access registrationhttps://aarnet.zoom.us/meeting/register/uJwoduyurj8vklBNNEQkJp6OwQKyXmWO7g


Please have a look at the agenda here:https://www.rd-alliance.org/moving-toward-fair-semantics-2

We will use this google doc for collaborative notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18CyQ2WsOxG_0zzzteubJyPveZzr8KPH4iuvoKVxRo3o/edit


Looking forward to see you tomorrow


The VSSIG group