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Case Statement: 

Status:  Retired, per a request from the co-chairs of the group:

Herewith, we like to inform you that we like to dissolve the Toxicogenomics Interoperability interest group. Because of budgetary issues and involvement in non-RDA related projects, we do not have the opportunities anymore to organize meetings, like BoF sessions on RDA plenaries, for the group. Moreover, the RDA spring meeting often overlaps with SOT conference, the largest conference in our field, which always takes place in the U.S. In 2014, we attempted to organize the RDA meeting at SOT with remote access from Europe and RDA meeting in Dublin, but because of the large difference between both time zones and overlap with other activities on SOT conference, not many people could attend the meeting.

In summary, it is not practical for us to do follow-up work on data sharing within RDA.

I hope with this letter we have sufficiently informed you about our reasons to quit RDA.


Kind regards,

Rebecca Boyles 

Diana Hendrickx


(chairs Toxicogenomics Interoperability IG)






Status: Recognised & Endorsed

The objective of this interest group is to prepare for a working group on toxicogenomics interoperability. The aim of the working group is to outline a roadmap toward enhancing interoperability of existing toxicogenomics databases.Toxicogenomics is the application of genomic technology to study the adverse effect of toxic substances.The need for alternatives to animal testing has resulted in the expansion of toxicogenomics approaches, data types, and data collections. Much of these data are stored in databases such as diXa, Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS), DrugMatrix, Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD), TG Gates and Connectivity Map. In this interest group we try to better understand the use of toxicogenomics data by researchers and data experts in order to develop an interoperability approach for existing toxicogenomics databases. This will include analysis of case studies from researchers working in the field with the goal of identifying an approach to improve toxicogenomics data sharing, access and analysis.

Toxicogenomics Interoperability IG Charter

contact persons for this group:

Dr. Diana Hendrickx (Maastricht University, The Netherlands)


Rebecca Boyles (NIEHS, NC, USA)



Preliminary group members:

Dr. Anne Hersey, EMBL-EBI, UK

Dr. Ugis Sarkans, EMBL-EBI, UK

Dr. Carolyn Mattingly, NCSU, USA

Dr. Stephen Edwards, EPA, USA

Dr. Scott Auerbach, NIEHS, USA

Dr. Allen Dearry, NIEHS, USA

Dr. Jennifer Fostel, NIEHS, USA

Dr. Weida Tong, FDA, USA

Prof. Dr. Jos Kleinjans, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Rolando Garcia-Milan, University of Florida, USA

Rebecca Boyles, NIEHS, USA

Dr. Diana Hendrickx, Maastricht University, The Netherlands