Structural Biology Interest Group Update

18 Aug 2013
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Structural Biology (SB) is concerned with the determination of the three-dimensional (3D) structures of individual biomacromolecules (proteins and nucleic acids), and with those of complexes and higher order structures formed by association of these individual components. Researchers in SB currently use a wide array of different techniques; the true integration of these diverse data as close as possible to the experimental level is the next challenge of "integrated SB". A recent survey of researchers in SB aimed at assessing the need for and potential interest of integrated SB revealed that:

- 73% are working on the more difficult eukaryotic rather than prokaryotic systems

- 84% are working on complexes rather than single gene products - each research team routinely uses three-four different techniques

- in 83% of the cases would use combined SB techniques more often if it was easier to get access to experimental facilities

- in 73% of the cases found it hard to combine software tools for different techniques in integrated workflows


Antonio Rosato, PhD, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Centro di Risonanze Magnetiche - Università di Firenze