[software-source-code-ig] questionnaire summary from the RDA 10th Plenary

18 Oct 2017
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Hi everyone,
Here bellow is a not so short summary of the questionnaire you have
answered during the Software Source Code IG.
If you couldn't participate, here is the link to the questionnaire

You are welcome to add your answers to the answers

Participants are interested in this subject for various reasons:
- cite software
- recover software
- data needs software (without software, data is basically useless)
- discover software
- provide framework for better software discovery and research
- reuse software (with environment)
- manage software
- preserve software
- software as a first class research product
- describe properly software
- PID for software
- identify and incorporate better practices for software
- software provenance
Use cases:
- discover software by searching for specific interest
- domain/area
- algorithm/ functionality
- data provided (software producing a certain result
with a particular data set)
- environment (software used in particular environment -distro,
compiler, etc)
- conditions for use, reuse and modification
- publish/ deposit/ archive software with associated metadata
- link software artifact to its context:
- data
- people/ authorship
- funding
- dependencies
- built form
- cite software and give due credit
- integrate software to other workflow
- reproduce software
- discover dependencies and environment needed
Ontologies used:
- most don't or use data ontologies
- Datacite
- CodeMeta
- DublinCore
- package management (NPM, gemspec, PYPI)
Properties needed:
- maintainer email
- link to compiled version
- repository retrieval link
- data input/output expected
- authorship & affiliation
- version
- description
- references
- origin source (for provenance)
- type
- description / algorithms / problem solved
- language
- revisions+ dates
- funders
- is documented & documentation link
- terms of use / license
- dependencies
- compiler
- environment (compiles / run on)
- status
- examples
- related_to (relations to other software)
- publisher
- tests link & test data
Advantages for structured and linked data:
- help scientists discover software - better research
- better connection with data
- better credit (by linking to authors)
- backward and forward linking- better ecosystem
Morane Ottilia GRUENPETER
Software engineer and metadata specialist for
Software Heritage http://www.softwareheritage.org
@INRIA Paris
personal website: http://moranegg.github.io/

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    Author: Roberto Di Cosmo

    Date: 24 Oct, 2017

    Thanks Morane for this summary, it is a quite good starting point for the next

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