Software Deposit and Preservation - draft guidance and workshop

04 Jun 2018
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Hi All,
Along with my colleague, Mike Jackson, we have been working on a Jisc-funded project as part of their Research Data Shared Service pilot programme to develop guidance for software deposit and preservation for different stakeholders.
We have now released draft versions of this guidance for feedback, and would be grateful for the comments of the RDA software community.
You can find the draft guidance here:
The README.txt provides an overview of the material, along with the guiding principles. The CONTRIBUTE.txt provides instructions for commenting, which is being done via Google Docs for this first stage.
In addition, we are running a workshop to discuss this guidance in Oxford, UK on Wednesday 11th July to discuss this guidance and identify ways in which to drive forward the adoption of best practices in software deposit and preservation:
I hope to see some of you in person to discuss this guidance.
Best regards,
PS We have also released the draft of the earlier workshop on Software Deposit and Preservation Planning and Policy Development, see for details and how to comment.
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