Community call – Open source technology development for science communications and publishing

19 Oct 2018
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Hi everyone,

eLife is hosting another open source community call this month, aimed at the users and developers of technology for science communication and publishing to share projects that are underway, learn more about what others are up to and how they’ve solved tricky problems, and consider where collaboration can contribute to the path forward.

The call will take place on Wednesday, October 24, at 11am New York / 4pm London.

The agenda is open to anyone who would like to present, in five minutes or less, an open source project that:

  • Has relevance to research communication, from sharing and discovery to reading and evaluation
  • And has recently been released or significantly updated, or is in active development

For more information about the call and to register, please visit

We hope you can join us for a lively discussion then!

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Senior Press Officer

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