Guidelines for archiving and referencing (research) software in Software Heritage

06 Sep 2019

Dear all,
one of the core goals of Software Heritage
is to support reproducible research, and
to this end it provides two essential and unique functionalities:
- a *universal archive* of software source code, because research
software depends on a myriad software components, that need all be archived
and referenced
- a *uniform identifier schema* that abstracts away the details of
source code provenance and version control, based on *intrinsic
identifiers* that are *compatible with git commit hashes *
I am delighted to share a first set of guidelines explaining how to
leverage these functionalities to seamlessly archive and reference the
source code of software in research articles and documentation:
- blog post with high level overview:
- full detailed guidelines, with a running example and LaTeX snippets:
Do not hesitate in reading/using/spreading the word, and of course all
feedback will be welcome.
All the best
Roberto Di Cosmo
P.S.: for advanced users that are interested in going further on the road
to reproducibility, it might be interesting to look into the combination of
Guix and Software Heritage, that is described in this older blog post:
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