[CodeMeta] We need you! provide feedback for CodeMeta v3.0 before June 15

31 May 2021

Dear all,
Apologies for cross-posting.
I'm writing to you today to get your feedback on a software metadata matter
on the CodeMeta repository . If you
haven't heard about the CodeMeta project and
vocabulary, CodeMeta is a subset of schema.org classes SoftwareSourceCode
and SoftwareApplications, providing additional properties for research
software. CodeMeta vocabulary is in a json-ld format and developers can use
a codemeta.json file to insert metadata in their repository. This metadata
can be indexed and helps the discoverability/findability of the software
(see how Software Heritage uses codemeta.json and other intrinsic metadata
The *Force11 Software Citation Implementation Working Group *has set the
CodeMeta task force, with co-leads Martin Fenner from DataCite and
Myself (Morane
Gruenpeter from Software Heritage). The task force is working on updating
the schema to version 3.0, with a particular focus on aligning the
CodeMeta schema
with schema.org metadata.
During the last few months we have discussed on the task force and with the
CodeMeta maintainers (Matthew B. Jones, Carl Boettiger) how community
consensus should be acquired and doing so with the GitHub issue tracker
seems most adequate.
*Please* *provide feedback *even if it is only adding +1 on one or more
issues which are labeled v3.0. Specifically, we need your feedback on the
following terms in CodeMeta 2.0 which are summarized in
- [ ] softwareSuggestions #233
- [ ] contIntegration #243
- [ ] buildInstructions #245
- [ ] developmentStatus #244
- [ ] embargoDate #254
- [ ] issueTracker #252
- [ ] readme #247
- [ ] hasSourceCode #246 (not a CodeMeta term, but was recently discussed
here on https://github.com/codemeta/codemeta/issues/198)
The task force asks for input until *June 15*, so that CodeMeta version 3.0
can ideally be finalized during the summer. After this work is done, the
task force will propose the integration of all CodeMeta terms into the
schema.org schema, so that CodeMeta becomes fully aligned with schema.org for
better interoperability with existing documentation, tooling, and related
For any questions or comments that are not a good fit for the GitHub issue
tracker, please reach out to me or Martin via email.
Finally, if you are looking for a tool to create easily a codemeta.json
file, you can use the CodeMeta generator, the hosted version is available
Hope to see you all in lively comments on the repository!
Kind regards,
Morane Ottilia GRUENPETER
Software engineer and metadata specialist
Software Heritage http://www.softwareheritage.org
@INRIA Paris
personal website: http://moranegg.github.io/