Software sessions at the PIDapalooza party

15 Jan 2021

Dear RDA, FORCE11 & ReSA communities,
I apologize for cross-posting, but I had to share with you the next big
event - PIDapalooza!
It is usually an informal conference that turns into a wild PID party.
This year, due to COVID19, organizers decided to do something even better:
**A 24-hours online PID party**
If you never been before, this is your time to check it out for free!
Note the two excellent software sessions:
*1. Intrinsic identifiers at work: what the users have to say*
In this session, you will discover the basics on intrinsic identifiers with
a walkthrough of the Software Heritage Identifier- the SWHID. You will also
discover the real life story of the eLife journal, early adopters of the
Software Heritage Identifiers (SWHID).
*Presented by: *
Frederick Atherden (eLife Sciences) & Roberto Di Cosmo (Director, Software
*2. PIDs for software - shedding some light on a dark puzzle*
An interactive overview of the current practices of software
identification, including use cases and identifier schemes from different
academic domains and in industry to show the complexe puzzle of identifying
We will ask you for the help to estimate their impact and move forward in
community adoption.
*Presented by: *
Morane Guenpeter (Software Heritage) &
Daniel S. Katz (Chief Scientist, NCSA, University of Illinois at
You can find the full programme here:
Registration is possible here:
The event will take place on Crowdcast and there is also a slack to get the
most from the event.
The party starts on January 27 at 14:30 UTC.
Hope to see you all there :-)
Morane Ottilia GRUENPETER
Software engineer and metadata specialist
Software Heritage
@INRIA Paris
personal website: