CESSDA™ Roadshow on COVID-19. Researchers and Social Scientific Data Archives Discuss COVID-19 Data Discovery and Management.

27 Sep 2021

The CESSDA™ Roadshow series kicks off with a deep dive on COVID-19 on 30 September 2021, highlighting cross-national datasets and surveys in the Data Catalogue (CESSDA DC™) with a practical guide and demo on how to discover them.

Designed as a practical deep dive, the CESSDA™ Roadshow on COVID-19 brings together researchers and service providers on how to use and re-use the reservoir of CESSDA™ COVID-19 resources for the social sciences, such as national data archives, surveys and gender-related studies. Participants will learn about real-world examples of fast-track publication and collaboration.

Sessions on the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide™ give a practical guide on data discovery, archiving and publishing routes, as well as European diversity. Interactive discussions bring insights into societal impacts from a CESSDA COVID-19 Ambassador and Eurodoc, the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers. The event wraps-up with more interactive discussions on how CESSDA and its service providers are supporting researchers on global challenges.

The Roadshow takes place on online on 30 September at 14.00 CEST (12.00 UTC). Find information about the speakers and agenda here

Register to join the meeting here.