08 Jul 2019

Hi all
I'm sure everyone's getting many invitations to AGU sessions recently.
FWIW here are a couple we all might find relevant.
*Deadline 31 July*
NS007 - Integrating Drones and Autonomous Vehicles into Near-Surface
B081 - Narrowing
uncertainty in GHG emissions using UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) platforms

A138 - Use of Unmanned Systems in Atmospheric Science

B012 - Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Monitoring with Small
Unmanned Aircraft Systems

NH005 - Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Geoscience Research Platforms
for the 21st century

Investigations: Airborne, Ground-based and Underwater Platforms for Remote
Data Collection
IN036. Making Moving Small Science Instruments and their data FAIR
Full disclosure,
I submitted this with Daina Bouquin who's doing similar work for CubeSats.
Hope is that it would spark collaboration/more commonality in handling
data from and about these relatively small platforms.
*AMS Deadline 1 August*
Session Weather Forecasting Applications using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Jane Wyngaard, PhD
Embedded Systems Engineer & Data Technologist
Center for Research Computing
University of Notre Dame