Summary from May RDA Sensitive Data IG Community Meeting

13 Jun 2022

Dear all,

We held the forth in our Sensitive Data IG Community Meeting Series in May. At this meeting, we had a guest presentation by Dr. Rebecca Grant from the Data policy standardisation and implementation IG. Rebecca shared with us the IG’s experiences developing a shared framework for data policies and gave an overview of sensitive data from a publisher perspective.

Please find the community meeting notes here. These notes included the link to the meeting recording which is hosted on Zenodo.

There is not community meeting this month due to Plenary 19. If you are attending P19, please come along to our session on Tuesday, 21 June 2022, 02:30 - 04:00 | Breakout 2.

Stay tuned for the agenda for our next community meeting to be held May 25, 8:00 UTC. Please feel free to share the registration information widely for our future Community Meeetings! All are always welcome.

Best wishes,


On behalf of the IG co-chairs.