Summary from the RDA P14 group session, reminder of this Thursday's (14th) call

13 Nov 2019

Dear All,
*First*, we would like to thank those who participated in the Research
Metadata Schemas WG session at the RDA P14. This collaborative session notes

includes the link to presentation slides and discussion. Thanks to those
who contributed to the notes, especially *Péter Király.*
*Here is belated summary of the session. Overall, the session went well. We
had about 66 people in the room plus six remote participants. Adam started
the session introducing why we care about publishing metadata to the web
via schema markup and what the group is trying to achieve. We then had
three presentations showing different perspectives of this new paradigm of
publishing and aggregating metadata and making data discoverable. The
discussion mainly centered on the following four points: *
*1) Difference between as a community supported
schema/vocabulary and role played by commercial web search engine
operators. *
*2) Relationship between those (detailed or rich disciplinary) schemas
already adopted by repositories and the Embedding the schema
markup is not to replace other schemas but mapping other schemas to for the purposes of discoverability and interoperability. *
*3) Clarification of the purpose of collecting toolings - not to promote a
particular tool but to collect community's effort of making it easy for
validating, processing and publishing the markup, so others don't have to
reinvent the wheel. *
*4) Connection with other (RDA) groups (e.g. Data Type Registry WG, FAIR
maturity model WG, FAIR Digital Object Group and CLARIN etc.)*
*Second, we have a scheduled call this Thursday (14th) starting 8pm UTC
(Second Thursday of each month, or Friday for some people). Please use this

to check your local time. *
*1. Review the P14 group session*
*2. Discuss session proposal for the P15*
*3. Discuss progress and how to proceed with the three proposed outputs*
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*Hope you can join us. *
*Kind regards,*
*O**n behalf of** the RDA Research Metadata Schemas WG co-chairs: Adam,
Leyla and Sarala *
Dr Mingfang Wu
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