Invitation to comment on the group's output (and about group's plenary session)

16 Apr 2021

Greetings All,
We would like to invite you all to review and comment on the group's
output: "Guidelines for publishing structured data on the web
Our group session at the next week's RDA Plenary will focus on the
discussion of this output. Please join our session if possible and provide
your feedback. The group session is scheduled in the Breakout session 8 -
Thursday 22 April, 12:45-14:15 UTC. It would be nice if you have time to
read the output document before the session. If you don't, you can get the
gist of the output from this one page summary, as attached.
Next week's RDA Plenary 17 is the 4th plenary participation of our working
group (WG). According to this RDA's guidelines
a working group should accomplish the proposed work in 12-18 months or
roughly a span of 4 plenaries. We aim to submit the output soon after the
P17 and go through the RDA's output recommendation process
Your feedback is important for us to improve the output before the
submission. If it is impossible for you to join our group session next
week, you can always leave your comment on this group page
or email to one of co-chairs if you would like to
keep your comment anonymous. Thanks!
Kind regards,
Ming, Leyla, Adam and Sarala - Co-chairs of the group
Dr Mingfang Wu
*Australian Research Data Commons * T: +61 3 9902
4646 | E: ***@***.*** | O:0000-0003-1206-3431

Physical address: Monash University, Building T, Ground Floor, 100 Sir John
Monash Drive, Caulfield East, VIC 3145

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