Info: Update on the group's plenary session, a Doodle poll for a new meeting time

30 Apr 2021

Greetings All,
As the subject heading indicates, this email serves two purposes: update on
the group's plenary session and participate in a Doodle poll for the
group's future meeting time.
1. Update on the group's plenary session:
The session focused on the group output "Guidelines for publishing
structured data on the Web". Leyla (Garcia) gave a presentation on the
guidelines with nine recommendations, followed by Julia (Collins) and
Baptiste (Cecconi) who provided feedback on the guidelines from the
perspective of their representing repository. All presentation slides are
available from this link
We got some feedback from the session participants, but we didn't have more
time to cover all recommendations or go deeper each recommendation. You
can still follow the collaborative notes

to provide a comment (please add your name in front of a comment, so your
contribution is noted), or alternatively add your comment to this webpage
ideally by 21st of May.
2. Doodle poll for a new meeting time
This group has a monthly call at 8pm UTC on the fourth Thursday of each
month. After we changed to (or back from) daylight saving about a month
ago, this meeting time doesn't suit some members. If you intend to
participate in future monthly calls, please indicate your preferred time
through this doodle poll . The
most preferred time/day will repeat in the fourth week each month.
Kind regards,
On behalf of the group co-chairs
Dr Mingfang Wu
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