2017-09-14 RDRIWG Virtual Meeting


  1. Summary from last time
  2. Discussion
    • Github for making profiles available
    • Platform identifiers
    • Support for collections
  3. Next steps


[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/13BBJ_G-eprhRadIwtDm-GY1duwP7SkrAf8aAvxF4jl0/edit?usp=sharing
[2] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VmmhNMl4ie5zqbCKkf3NDNRHtgdb2SgYF_cEn58zt7g/edit?usp=sharing
[3] https://docs.google.com/document/d/155lA2BcixTl-zwJHGfLkxsmg7WmQbBK00QWyP8QggkE/edit

Topic 1

  • Define platform identifiers (including version)
  • MUST have metadata-datacite.xml
  • Internal-Sender-Identifier not usable for identifying the sender
    • Sender-Identifier -> standardize
  • Missing points?
    • Fetch ok as long as URLs are permanent
    • Versioning might be missing

Topic 2

  • Github for making profiles available
    • Good way, provides versioning
    • Some profiles (e.g. Fedora Commons) are already on GitHub
    • Is there an existing BagIt profile registry? (David asks Nick Ruest)
  • Platform identifiers
    • Compile list
    • Discussion at plenary if someone knows standard identifiers
    • Identify platform or instance?
      • Can be both, same identifier should stand for semantic and api-compatibility
    • Provide API + version?
      • There might be platforms w/o (public) API
      • Platform + version may allow to conclude on the API
    • Start with initial/basic map, wait for more comments
  • Support for Collections
    • What is a collection?
      • Option 1: Internal structure grouping datasets belonging together, e.g. investigation concept in Core Scientific Metadata Model (CSMD)
      • Option 2: ‘A collection is a digital object which is identified by a PID and consists of a set or a list of PIDs/Ids and a set of additional pointers/links and metadata together with each PID/Id.’ (Research Data Collections WG)
    • Dariah: stores single objects in bag, Fedora: arbitrary aggregations up to entire repository
    • Bags of bags? – “Funny” idea, but might be too complicated to work with
    • Currently, recommendations allow no way to describe sub-resources using metadata in META-INF
      • Suggest more flexible naming format of additional metadata, e.g. allow to include payload name in order to provide standard metadata a a payload element
    • Clean up comments in recommendations document (Thomas)
    • Publish talk(s) and minutes to WG file space after P10

Topic 3

Next meeting at 11 October, 2 pm UTC