2017-07-05 RDRIWG Virtual Meeting


  1. Summary on progress
  2. Discussion towards next deliverable (First draft of specification of outcome)
  3. Next steps


[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/13BBJ_G-eprhRadIwtDm-GY1duwP7SkrAf8aAvxF4jl0/edit?usp=sharing

Topic 1

  • Finished primer document (Deliverable 1) in time
  • Submitted to be published as official RDA output (author = WG members)
  • Will be available for community review, soon
  • After successful review, DOI assigned and publicly available
  • Session proposal for P10 submitted and accepted
  • Main Objectives:
    • Updating participants regarding current status of the WG discussion
    • Collecting opinions, comments, experiences with regard to the targeted outcome
    • Win over new active contributors to the discussion in the final lifetime phase of the WG 

Topic 2

  • What should we aim for?
    • Option 1: Adopt one standard/technology from primer, e.g. ResourceSync
    • Option 2: Follow pragmatic approach and strive for a custom tool allowing import/export, e.g. based on BagIt providing different profiles
    • Option 3: ?
  • Take-away message from P9: Aim for reasonable, adoptable recommendation.
  • Idea: No centralized solution but think about client-server approach
  • First step: Find a way to describe packages including their (de-)serialization in cross-platform standard format
    • Mets offers profiles, but profiles are not machine readable
    • Datacite Format has great support according to capability matrix, but should only be understood as minimum requirement (only for metadata, different versions supported, custom extensions)
  • Goal: Allow to keep as much information as possible
  • Check OAI-ORE and http://www.researchobject.org/ (posix-friendly)
  • Idea: DataCite via OAI-PMH (not sufficient for data)
  • Resource Sync not yet well supported (see platform capability matrix)
  • VOSpaces (see primer document) shows how nodes may communicate

Topic 3


  • 2 Months until P10
  • We have to present current results (primer document, first draft of final recommendations)
  • Do bi-weekly virtual meetings
    • Next: 2017-07-19T14:00+00:00 (UTC)