2017-02-17 RDRIWG Virtual Meeting


  1. Discuss current draft of the primer document available at [1]
  2. Summary/Next Steps


[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K2Qzp3I3xhn_YXU-t_UoHaTsjHIs4aVUSSw4...

Tasks from last Virtual Meeting 

  • Collect minutes and send to list (Co-Chairs)
  • Continue with primer document (Group)
  • Contact platform technology contacts as soon as the state of the art list is ‘complete’ to fill out the feature matrix (Co-Chairs + technology contacts)
  • Prepare session proposal for P9 until January 10, 2017
  • The next virtual meeting will take place in January 2017

Topic 1 

  • Still some missing/insufficiently filled points
    • Resource Sync (Dom Fripp will send input next week)
    • Re3Data (Thomas Jejkal)
    • OAI-ORE (David Wilcox)
  • Potential of OpenAIRE API ?
    • API mainly to access OpenAIRE
    • Supports OAI-PMH
    • OpenAIRE might be more a ‘platform’ than an interoperability enabling technology in this context? 
  • Further (more recent) contributions to interoperability? 
    • Not at the moment, check state of the art again (see Topic 2)
  • Datacite and Dataverse added as target platforms

Topic 2

  • Take another look into recent state of the art (Group members)
  • Collect minutes and send to list (Co-Chairs)
  • Ask platform contacts for filling out matrix (Co-Chairs)
  • Prepare P9 presentation (Co-Chairs)
    • Focus on discussion
    • Preparation of agenda
    • Optional: Short talks if desired by someone