Sources of Provenance

While information that is provenance is available for many datasets and from many sources, it has been noted at several provenance events that it's hard to find information that is actually indicated as being provenance information. 

Here we list some sources of information identified as provenance information by members of the Research Data Provenance IG and indicate whether it follows a provenance standard or not.

Source Description Owner Link Standards

"a free service for storing, viewing and collaborating on provenance documents"

Anyone can store provenance information here

Uni of Southampton PROV
Geoscience Australia's Samples Catalogue A Linked Data API that delivers metadata about GA's physical samples. Includes only trivial provenance info for now.  Geoscience Australia

US Govt. Global Change Information System reports National Climate Assessment reports presented online as Linked Data  

Report 2

Report 3

Example: PROV-O provenance for Report 3, Chapter 1 (raw turtle)


Bioregional Assessments datasets Datastes from the Australian Bioregional Asssessments Programme stored within the catalogue. They deliver PROV-like provenance information in a "Dataset acenstors" field / Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Bioregional Assessment areas v03 dataset