Notes from April 20/21 2015 Web Conference

Attendees: Bridget, Dave, Bernard, Ajinkya


  • Reviewed activity at P5
  • Discussed Ajinkya's use case
    • in particular, pros and cons of using RDF triples
    • Ajinky's concern that it might be unmanageble for storage of provenance and difficult to query efficiently
    • should the need to support distributed locations impact the decision?
    • general advice was to focus on the ability of the RDF model to represent the data at an appropriate level of abstraction that insulates it from the implementation details
    • data can be transformed to other formats for efficient querying, etc.
  • Discussed upcoming events
    • Dave will prepare a whitepaper for and participate with Larry in a meeting initiated by the World Bank
      • outcome of this may involve a BOF or other session at P6
    • Bridget will write up details of activity she and Dave are pusing to augment an existing linked data ontology with provenance data, informed by the SAM data model
    • Dave will also pursuse discussions with Francoise Genova on astronomy provenance data
    • Need to think about other activities for P6
      • another joint session wiht another group would be ideal, maybe to continue discussions with the BOF on citation principles
      • participatin in InterPARES Trust Provenance Group co-located meeting