Usability evaluation for a provenance ontology for research publications

18 Nov 2015
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Dear Colleagues,
Marshall and I have created a provenance ontology for research publications called PROV-PUB-O:
Would you please take some time to read its documentation and complete a
survey to help evaluate its usability at
Thanks a lot for your support, and feel free to forward the survey link to
anyone that may be interested.
Best Regards,
Linyun and Marshall
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    Author: Linyun Fu

    Date: 19 Nov, 2015

    Hi Paolo,
    Thanks for your time! To answer your questions:
    - This effort is a part of my PhD thesis work on "automatic provenance
    capturing for research publications"
    - It is a good point that PROV-PUB-O/S may need to be renamed since it does
    not have any dependency to PROV-O. It has its current name mainly due to
    the reason that it could be used together with PROV-PUB-O/P through the
    shared "Published Result" class (and its subclasses) to describe and locate
    of the final published result. We just want to emphasize that it belongs to
    PROV-PUB-O with the name. Getting rid of the "PROV" part may loosen its tie
    to PROV-PUB-O/P, but is likely to encourage its separate use to describe
    publication structures.
    - Thanks for the suggestion of making the trace of a published result "one
    way"! I agree that provenance graphs in this form are easier to read and
    Best Regards,
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