Notes from 2014-12-03 Webconference

07 Dec 2014
Groups audience: 

Attendees: Bridget Almas, Dave Dubin, Mingfang Wu, Simon Cox, Andrew Treloar

Discussion Items:

P5 Sessions: Agreed to co-sponsor a session with the Reproduciblity IG. Ideally this will be centered on a use case for data reproducibility.  Dave will provide a draft of the request for the session and distribute for review (submissions due Dec 15). Will also participate in other sessions as requested.

P4 Wrap-up/review: Would be good to get feedback from attendees of this session on whether or not they found it productive and on the use-case driven approach to it.  We also still need to follow up with Nicholas Car to see if the use cases submitted from the session were useful.   Andrew had provided some feedback to Nicholas on the tool itself.

Ongoing activity: ANDS has an ongoing project on publishing provenance information captured through a variety of different workflows (see earlier post by Mingfang). Expect to have a working system around by May 2015 at which point it might be worth looking at whether it makes sense to spawn some Working Group activity based on the results of this project.  The Perseids Project at Tufts has plans for a hackathon scheduled for just after P5 at which we will try to implement automated capture of provenance information for linguistic annotation and text curation workflows (per presentations at P2, P3 and P4).

IG Co-chair change: Sayeed Choudhury will step down as co-chair. We will be looking for another co-chair, ideally from outside of the US (Australia or UK).