new Research Data Provenance IG chair

26 Apr 2016
Groups audience: 

Dear all,
We're happy to announce that Nicholas Car
, from Geoscience Australia,
has volunteered to serve as a new co-chair of the Research Data
Provenance interest group. Nick will join Dave Dubin as the 2nd
co-chair. I will continue to help through Plenary 8 and officially step
down as a co-chair of the Provenance IG then (I will continue
involvement in the group as a member, and in RDA more generally as a
co-chair of the Research Data Collections WG and pursuing Humanities
outreach, areas where I have more concrete contributions to make).
Nick's participation will enable us to engage more fully with other
global provenance efforts (such as that of the Australian Research Data
Provenance Working Group, which will be joining its effort with that of
the RDA group) and bring a new perspective to the group.
Welcome aboard Nick!