Minutes of the meeting 6/7 Dec, 2016 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

06 Dec 2016
Groups audience: 

Hi all,
Here are the (very short) minutes of the meeting held just now on the 6th or 7th of December, depending on where in the world you are:
Attendees: Nicholas Car, Paolo Missier, Andres Ferreyra, Sergio Serra & Miriam (sorry, I don't have your last name!)
Agenda covered:
* ?Update on planning for the WG
* Nick discussed the draft Charter and Deliverable (Goals) that he has worked on recently (attached)
* ?Discussion was had between attendees on specific goals, what the WG can do for those new to PROV, how it should report its findings etc.
* Mention of the group's Engagement intentions
* ?much engagement as this WG sees itself helping other groups to deliver their goals
Action Items:
* ??Nick: Re-issue meeting invites (ics files) -- done via mailing list just before this email
* Nick: Communicate the Charter & Goals discussed in writing -- attached as a text doc but also to be placed on the group's GitHub account (https://github.com/RDAProvIG/WGplanning)
* Dave D: grant Nick GitHub writes permission
* Nick: send Andres Prov & Real Things paper -- just before this email
* Nick & IG: post some example provenance UCs (after UC system implementation) -- eta Jan 2017 but see also http://promsns.org/uc/usecases/ for an old list
* Nick & Dave: to consider an additional WG goal:
* list actual instances of provenance information (as flagged at the IPAW conference, June 2016)
* consider provenance Linked Data indexing (a specialised web spider?)
* ?Sergio: email any missed questions due to lack of audio in meeting
See some of you online for our next meeting on Dec 20/21!
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