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30 Oct 2015
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Alessandro, thanks for chiming in and for the links!
I agree coming up with good times for the meeting is challenging -- the
last one was scheduled at a time that worked for US and Australia but
not so much for Europe. The next one I'll try for a better time in Europe.
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Dear All
Thanks for the notes from the last meeting
I think that the following point is quite important:
"The work we have been doing in this area has been well received and seems to be useful, but lack of engagement from group members other than the chairs is worriesome."
Unfortunately combining the time slots to allow worldwide participation makes it challenging sometimes. Personally I will try from now on to join more frequently the discussion.
I also think that points two and three are extremely timely. I am involved in a number of Solid Earth Science (EPOS, VERCE) and Climate (CLIPC) initiatives, especially for what concerns the production and usage of provenance for computational and data integration services. Provenance related requirements are starting to rise from these communities and some implementations do exist, as well as databases, tools and formats.
I can reference a couple of recent works that we presented in the IEEE e-science conference that contain some considerations and approaches on the matter.
The following instead is an example of an implementation of PROV for seismology which should be already supported by the ObsPy seismology data analysis library.
Looking forward to the next round.
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Hi all,
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Full post: https://rd-alliance.org/group/research-data-provenance/post/notes-yester...
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