PaNSIG & HDF5 workshop in San Diego

20 Jan 2015

Dear all,

as you certainly know, the RDA will hold the next plenary in San Diego March 9-11th.

We have applied for a PaNSIG session at the RDA meeting in San Diego and the session has meanwhile been scheduled for March 11th. More details on the schedule can be found here:

It has also been proposed earlier to organize an HDF5 workshop co-located with the RDA plenary. There will be a CLNSF webinar on HDF5 tomorrowwith a brief discussion on the workshop afterwards, see the (following) CLNSF announcement. 

It would be helpful to know very roughly how many participants to expect for the PaNSIG session as well as the HDF5 workshop (details to follow). Please fill the minimal doodle if you consider joining either of the events:

At the RDA plenary there is also an interesting joint session combining IG RDA/CODATA Materials Data, Infrastructure & Interoperability, WG Data Type Registries, WG PID Information Types, IG Data Fabric & IG Domain Repositories. PaNSIG didn't make it officially into the (long) list of joining IGs, but it's certainly an interesting session to visit. 

Cheers, Frank.