Follow up on establishing the Open Technical Forum

01 May 2014



Dear Everyone,


Thanks to Frank for posing the notes from the March Dublin meeting (see WIKI) for the full version.  One of the actions to keep alive the Open Technical Forum (OTF)--and it is most desirable to have a broad and global participation.  For that reason, it was agreed that each facility will ideally contribute several presentations per year.


I am going to start a thread on the wiki concerning technologies and time slots--and I hope you will contribute.


Also, please encourage those who may find this topic interesting to join our group.




  • all agreed that we should keep alive the OTF.
  • all agreed that each facility will contribute/organize (at least) two presentations per year.   For that each facility will name a contact/organizer.
  • chairs will collect facility contacts.
  • chairs will select a suitable platform and time slot for OTFs.
  • weekday of OTF should be fixed (where possible). The exact time might shift depending on timezone of the  speaker to be able to also permit participant of colleagues in Asia or Australia.
  • talks should be recorded and made available.