Development of common metadata schemas

15 Jun 2020

Dear all,

It would be great if we could try to work towards common metadata schemas for:

1. building engineering-related vocabularies of parameters

2. data streams (record of individual parameter values)

3. data sets (set of one or several related data streams)

4. data collections (collection of one or multiple related data sets)

5. phenomena we observe through data analysis

6. data annotations


In my opinion, pts 1-6 are essential for: practically implementing FAIR principles, building tools, and having an executable/efficient DMP, etc.


For (1) we can look at what NERC did  (e.g.,, and see what we need to extend.

For (2) and (3), I have some initial schemas which are the result of mixing and matching several initiatives:

For (6) we can have Peter Cornwell helping with this and integrate results from Dynamic Data Citation WG.


I tried to capture the above points in a recent talk I gave on Wind Energy FAIR status: