Reminder: Web Conference Tomorrow 8 November 13:00 GMT

07 Nov 2016

Hi all,

Just a reminder that we have our web conference tomorrow 8 November at 13:00 GMT.

Quick update on action items:

  • Don't forget to review and provide feedback on Frederik's proposed properties
  • If you have a chance, check out Alex's Python Connexion+Redis based implementation of the API, code at
  • I've updated the API spec with most of the feedback received from Tobias and at the last call. Still outstanding:
    • how to handle reverse traversal of recursive collections, if at all
    • exact names and details of filter query parameters
    • server-side implementation on how to prevent users from accidentally overwriting metadata. ( Explicit confirms, checked preconditions?)
    • best practices around cursor timeouts (for paginated requests when supported)

Hope to talk to you all tomorrow!