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23 Aug 2016

Hi Tom,
I think it is a very good first try, and I especially like the "What is a collection?" and "What can we do with it?" sections! But I'm lacking a bit more information about what the WG is actually doing. Yes, there are some links at the end, but they could do with a little bit more explanatory text - as an example, "the API" is mentioned in the last link, but nowhere is made any mention about an API being worked on, or what it is supposed to be doing!
I also agree that it's a bit too dense now. Also, I fear that parts of the content could be quite difficult to understand for non-experts:
* I would suggest to avoid using the somewhat technical term "leveraging" in the very first sentence - perhaps it could be exchanged with "making use of" or simply "defining and using"?
* The diagram you show is not explained (or even referred to) at all, and would probably be quite unintelligible to most people who haven't been following the discussions in the group
One way out of this dilemma could be a two-page solution: use the front page for the introductory part, and a short section on group activities. Then move the diagram to the back, and add some text that describes what it means - and perhaps add a section on the API work, with a hint on the technical solution chosen etc.
Sorry for not being able to join the telco today, but there is another RDA-related meeting (with GEDE) going on in parallel and I have to represent my RI in that one.
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Thaks Tobias, I agree, its too much text. Any idea which graphic we
could use?
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    Author: Thomas Zastrow

    Date: 23 Aug, 2016

    Hi Maggie,
    Thanks for your comments. I just copied & pasted the text from other
    documents, but I fully agree with your comments.
    Maybe someone out there wants to rewrite the text(s) according to
    Maggies comments, I will then incorporate the changes into the document
    ;-) ?

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