Notes from yesterday's call; next call on July 25 14:00 UTC

12 Jul 2017

The next conference call will be on July 25. The call on Aug 8 is likely
to be canceled as multiple people are unavailable. August 29 will be our
review call for the recommendation package that should be ready on Aug 28.
Updates on action items from last meeting:
* Ulrich has added Collections Objects and Properties to the DTR. He
provided the PIDs in a separate mail. Due to the provisional nature
of the DTR and the late stage of the project, we probably don't have
time to incorporate this as part of the recommendation, but it
should be included in an appendix at least. Frederik would like to
implement a switch in the Perseids implementation which would show
how the DTR PIDs could replace the object property names, but Thomas
disputes the practicality of this. This discussion can/should
continue via email, but at a minimum we will include the DTR work in
the appendix.
* Frederik has been working on the implementation support for CRUD
operations on multiple items - implementation was more complex and
took more time than expected, but it's nearly complete and group
agrees that this should be a change we make to the swagger
specification. Frederik will make this change, and the other
outstanding swagger API specification changes by the end of July
New action items:
* Bridget to summarize impact of Frederik's API changes and post to
the group list (by first week of August)
* Thomas to update the REPTOR implementation for the API changes and
update the recommendation document with the details of his
implementation (by Aug 28)
* Federik to add Perseids Manifold implementation details to the
recommendation document (by Aug 28)
* Bridget to contact Javier to remind him to add GEOFON details to the
recommendation (will do today or tomorrow)
* Tobias to work on conceptual model parts of the recommendation
document (by Aug 28)
* Bridget to work on intro/summary, and individual other items (RPID,
Fedora/DH feedback, etc.) in the recommendation document (by Aug 28)
* Ulrich to provide DTR appendix (by Aug 28)
* Maggie will review the near-final document and provide feedback (by
Sep 6?)
* Bridget, Tobias, Ulrich will be responsible for creating final
version of recommendation package by September 15
* Tobias to contact Timea to be able to edit the session description
and update it as necessary. One item is to put a reference to
Ulrich's DTR work in there (somewhere with the implementation
Discussion on the API specification:
* We discussed aspects of how to make a good 'recommendation package'.
The following points are noted here so we can revisist them later:
o We agree that the final recommendation document will be a PDF
that includes a human readable version of the swager spec as
well as the JSON, with pointers to the GitHub Repo.
o The JSON must also go into the recommendation package as a
separate file as this can be implemented against
o Docker images should be made of the implementations (but the
recommendation will indicate that these are not expected to be
long-living representations).
o We should properly tag/milestone the repositories at time of the
final release
o Bridget, Tobias and probably Ulrich will present the group
outputs at P10
* What happens after M18?
o Quite open, but the recommendation has to be done at P10.
o There might be future development in the GitHub repositories and
follow-up sessions at P11/12. We could spent some last minutes
at the end of our P10 session on this.
o Possible perspectives with Bridget/Frederik's actions on DH2017
and Fedora
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