Notes from collection WG call July 25

27 Jul 2017

Next call: August 29 (recommendation review call)
Call on August 8 is cancelled.
Notes on recommendation/spec work in progress:
* If you have worked on an issue and want someone to review it, please
assign it to Tobias using GitHub - he will play the editor for it
o Bridget will be the editor for Tobias' issues
* Bridget: revised permissions section; worked on introduction and 2.1
- argued for why we did the capabilities stuff
o also: post to Fedora list
o will add a section on this
* Action Tobias: review Bridget's changes on permissions again and on 2.1
* Might want to look again at order of sections wrt definitions coming
after capabilities stuff and whether the introduction is sufficient
introducing the basic concepts
* Tom: is waiting for API spec to be complete to update Reptor and
include text on it in rec doc
o Action Frederik: Review remaining work on spec again, report to
* Frederik: Streaming async requests (#14) - could be put into a
future work section in the rec document - Frederik can write sth up
for us to review and decide on whether/how to put this in
* Tom: DFT connection - collection definitions in the DFT wiki are
outdated/conflicting; might want to have a look at them again, but
based on our document
* Action Tobias (later): ask Maggie whether she could be reviewer for
the near final version
* Implementation issues (Bridget/Frederik):
o performance issues; need to introduce pagination?; do pagination
at DB level
Future issues:
* #13/#7: Follow up again with him (Action bridget)
o #7 could also be done by us by pulling stuff from his slides.
* New issue: Ask CAU whether they want to have their use case in
(Action Tobias)
* New issue: Look at requirements section (Action Tobias)
* New issue: DTR stuff from Ulrich (Action Tobias: contact Ulrich and
ask whether he can do this)
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