Notes from 28-Mar Webconference. Next Meeting: Barcelona!

28 Mar 2017

Action Items:
- All changes to 2 pager due to Thomas by Thursday. ( Frederik has a few
to make to add natural language descriptions to properties on p2 )
- Follow up on slides/presenters for Barcelona:
-- Frederik to follow up with Alex on implementation and use case
-- Tobias to follow up with IGSN provider
-- Bridget to follow up with Javier and Beth
- Frederik and Thomas to add their implementation slides
Bridget to add slides on:
- DTR/property mappings slide
- Usage scenarios slide
On the Usage Scenarios point, we discussed the open issues from last
- member/download
- operations on multiple collections/members
- additional filtering params
- rule based generation
We agree that these are all potentially very useful, but also increase
complexity and the last two are highly back-end specific. The extent to
which any must be in the spec to make it useful will depend in part on
usage and adoption. For now we will describe them in usage scenarios,
but will leave room for discussion at the plenary meeting.
Hope to see you all next week!