Minutes from today's collection VC

29 Aug 2017

Next meeting: F2F at P10
- Actual API spec is final and released after last minor changes
(renames, documentation)
- Most things we discussed during the call on the recommendations
document are already inserted/added on Github in the issues
- The P10 main session will be based on an extended version of the slide
set used for the outputs plenary presentation
- Output presentation notes:
-- Javier and possibly other adopters/implementors should send 1 slide
to Tobias
-- RPID: Bridget has upcoming meeting, can ask again, also for attendance
-- Fedora commons implementation should be mentioned; link to repository
interop group
-- DTR aspects should be part of outputs session; 1 slide for main
session (Ulrich)
-- Many of these things actually touch on other related RDA groups; look
again for relevance during output presentation
-- As this is all a lot of detail, Tobias might just summarize this into
1-2 slides for the outputs session, leave the detail slides in for the
main session; be ready for Q&A then and the respective people to fill in
during the session
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