Minutes from call 2016-08-23 - next meeting at P8!

24 Aug 2016

*Tuesday 23 Aug 2016 - Collection WG call*
*Attending: *Bridget, Frederik, Maggie, Tobias, Tom, Ulrich
*Next call:* Next meeting actually at P8; next call to be decided then.
* Tobias: provide a text for the back page of the 2-pager, also useful
for mailing to use case providers
* Tobias: continue updates on doc, item metadata
* Bridget: A few short API example calls for the 2-pager
* Bridget/Tobias: Contact use case providers
* All: Improve two-pager to get it ready before P8
* All: Work towards P8, provide usage examples from our own
communities if possible; Tobias to merge all into one deck
We'll also try to get together in Denver for final things to clarify
before the P8 session on Wed evening, possibly at the Data Forum social
event. Or in a pub. :-)
*About item metadata in the model:*
* Move item metadata to underneath membership, but leave the mapping
function where it currently is
o The swagger prototype is not directly equivalent to the model;
different abstractions; for swagger, it makes sense to return values
o This may resolve Bridget's issue with the item metadata being
implemented in the API at the membership operations level
*About API / swagger status:*
* API methods need a bit better documentation on the long term to be
actually understandable by developers
o Tom: Model mixes parameters and operators
o Swagger is also just one tool and far from perfect, there are
others; but this is what we currently have
*About the one-pager:*
* Maggie: Who is the audience?
o First-time attendees, to bring them up to current state of
group; inform developers on technical details; use case
providers, to keep them informed and receive feedback; general
RDA public
* Decided to make a two-pager with front side on high-level group
status and activities and back side on current discussion details
* Make a two pager where each page is targeted at a different audience.
o Page 1: easy to understand, what the WG is about, how to
participate ...
+ This is what is currently in the text. Missing the
distinction from other collections - make a diagram for
this? Or 1-2 sentences that set the frame, or bullet points.
Something more colorful on the front page :-)
+ Include Frederik's diagram
o Page 2: current status of the discussion
+ based on mail to use case providers + current status of
conceptual dicussion (Tobias)
+ also include API somehow - good way: concrete method calls
with example results, somewhat curl style (Bridget)
* Diagrams:
o Tom: Diagram on the whole use case workflow may be good;
illustrate why people would want to have a collection
o How does this relate to existing collections? How is this not
redundant with existing things (like linked data platform etc.)?
o Re-use existing diagrams from the beginning of the WG, if there
are any?
*Frederik's overview diagram:*
* circle: client; bar in the middle: API; things at the bottom:
* This is a general high-level architecture diagram - describes
client/server interaction and components
* Good for the two-pager because it describes the model we all have in
our heads
* Missing: PID System? or simply identifier system?
o Make it optional, connect with dashed line
*For Denver P8 session:*
* Basic plan as agreed last time - initial introduction, but main part
active group discussion, in similar style to our regular calls.
* Bridget: Model is done; should not make a big part of discussion!
* Need presentations and other material
o Tobias: intro slides - will probably only do this end of week
prior to IDW
o • Bridget: some few slides on API usage - extended examples from
+ discussion: conceptual model has made good progress; now
need to glue it together with the API
o Also have some slides illustrating usage from our respective
+ Bridget, Tobias, Maggie, ...
* Suggestion to have a final get together at Wed evening to clarify
last details for the session (International Data Forum, possibly at
social event)
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  • Thomas Zastrow's picture

    Author: Thomas Zastrow

    Date: 07 Sep, 2016

    May I friendly remind you about the 1-pager? I'm leaving for Denver
    already on Saturday, would be nice if I can get your contributions until
    tomorrow (Thursday).

  • Bridget Almas's picture

    Author: Bridget Almas

    Date: 07 Sep, 2016

    I am working on the API examples right now and will have them for you by
    the end of the day today.

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