RDA P15 Submission Feedback

20 Dec 2019

Dear Reproducible Health Data WG and CURE-FAIR WG members,


At its meeting on December 19, the RDA Technical Advisory Board considered your proposal for a session at Plenary 15 in Melbourne in 2020. 


Unfortunately, TAB is not able to accept your session proposal unless you make the changes that are listed below. If you still wish to proceed you will need to:

1. Update the session description to address TAB's concerns by or before Jan 2nd, 2020

2. Advise isabelle.perseil@inserm.fr that you have done this so TAB can review your response


Requested improvements:

- Reproducible Health Data Services will need to commit to updating their case statement before this session proposal is acceptable (TAB can do a provisional acceptance of the proposal if such a commitment is made, but the session will need to be withdrawn if a case statement is not received prior to the plenary)


We are happy to meet with you to discuss this.


Best regards,



Dr Frankie Stevens | AARNet | TAB Liason