2015-12-04 RPRD Virtual Meeting

Participants (alphabetical by last name): Reid Boehm (via chat), Robert Downs, Stefan Kramer, Ralph Mueller-Pfefferkorn, David Wilcox.

Notes: Stefan Kramer
Ralph introduced the "Analysis Matrix" he created for the gathered use cases with their functional requirements in form of a Google Sheet (http://tinyurl.com/hhfofjq), and which the IG's co-chairs had discussed at their last meeting.  The Matrix was discussed and clarified.  The Use Cases may be classified as "generic" (e.g., "Dissertation") or "specific" (e.g., OpARA).  The participants agreed to populate the Matrix from the eight Use Cases that have been collected as of this date (at https://rd-alliance.org/use-cases.html-3) as follows:
David: NORDR
Ralph: Institutional lifecycle & OpARA
Reid: CurateND & VecNet
Robert: DKRZ-Climate
Stefan: IRODS & check Dissertations
by the end of Dec. 2015. After that, the normalization of the functional requirements, and their categorization, will be discussed, along with the addition of any further Use Cases that may have been submitted (the original deadline for this is Dec. 11).
The participants decided to use the matrix later to gather more requirements than these provided by the submitted use cases. Filling out the matrix for a use case imposes a lower threshold than our full use case document (as it is less work).
David volunteered to submit a proposal for a session for this IG for the next RDA Plenary, held in Tokyo.  
Stefan will attend the Collaboration Meeting of RDA Working and Interest Group Chairs at December 8-9, 2015 at NIST in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and seek connection in particular with any representatives of the Repository Audit and Certification DSA–WDS Partnership WG.
The next virtual meeting for our IG is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016, 10:00 EST/15:00 UTC.