2015-06-26 RPRD Virtual Meeting


* Welcome and introductions
* Review and approve use case template [1]
* Review and discuss Dissertation Data use case [2]
* Is this a good example of the type of use case we are looking for?
* Continue to assign RDA group liaisons and document reviewers [3]
* Make a plan for reaching out to institutions for use cases 
* Review agenda for P6 working meeting and modify as required [4]
Feedback is welcome. 
Meeting Attendees: Amber Leahey, Bob Downs, David Wilcox, Hans van Piggelen, Ralph Ralph Mueller-Pfefferkorn, Stefan Kramer (virtual meeting host & note taker)
We discussed whether the use case template (see [1] above) should have types/classes of requirements (e.g., storage, metadata,...). We agreed that it would be easiest to "tag" the requirements, so multiple tags can be applied to a requirement.  So that the template does not have to be continuously modified, and become out of synch with actual use cases based on it, we agreed it makes sense to maintain the tag list outside of the template, on the RPRD site.
We agreed that down the road, we need to work out how to feed the related document reviews (https://www.rd-alliance.org/document-reviews.html) into the work of our IG; for example, they may also inform use cases and functional requirements.  This may be discussed at the IG meeting at the next Plenary Session.
The Metadata standards catalog WG is coming up with a use case repository, our IG should keep in touch with them - to be added to https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/repository-platforms-research-data/wik..., with a volunteer for a liaison needed.
Should our IG create a survey for service providers that already have (data) repositories, and that are thinking of having a separate/different data repository? Some organizations may be looking at migrating from one repository platform to another, looking for more functionality, which is a different situation than starting from the beginning.  
For our purposes of collecting use cases, it's not relevant whether one particular institution's requirements are presently being satisfied by what platform they have, but that can be added to the use case story.
We would like the template (see [1] above) to be finalized within two week's of today's meeting, and will give IG members an opportunity to comment before that.
We hope to get 5-10 use cases by the time of the Sep. Plenary.  
All IG members are encouraged to think about institutions that might be able to contribute use cases.