2015-04-24 RPRD Virtual Meeting


  • Ajinkya Prabhune
  • Claire Austin
  • David Wilcox
  • Hans van Piggelen
  • Mark van de Sanden
  • Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn
  • Stefan Kramer
This working group is transitioning to an interest group with a very similar mandate because the goals are not as actionable as what would be expected from a working group. May develop into a working group later on, but as an interest group will be somewhat of a hybrid in terms of actionable items.
This group has thus far specifically excluded review of particular repositories in order to first develop a template matrix for comparison. 
The first objective is to decide on the content and format of a template for collecting use cases. It should be:
  • not overly complex or onerous
  • one that we can be reasonably sure that people would fill out.
  • follow up by breaking down into smaller use cases, including institutional specific ones.
  • A first draft has been prepared; Maybe put it up in Gdocs to collaboratively develop it then, following editing, move it to the wiki. 
  • Need to write the “why” for each of the requirements, not just a list of requirements.
The 2nd objective is to decide on how to go about collecting use cases.
GoToMeeting meeting schedule:
10:00-11:00am Eastern time, 4th Friday of every month