Meeting Notes and Reviewing Related Work

03 Apr 2015

Hi everyone,
The notes from the 5th Plenary meeting have been posted to the group wiki [1]. Thanks to Maurice York for taking them.
We have also created a table of related RDA groups and relevant documents from outside the RDA [2]. We need members of this group to volunteer to act as liaisons to the related RDA groups so we can keep tabs on their activities and outputs and note any opportunities for collaboration. We also need group members to review the external documents and report back with a summary of any relevant information we should take note of. The purpose of these efforts is primarily to review the work that has already been done on the topic of repository platforms for research data so it can inform our own work, and so we don’t duplicate previous efforts.
If you are interested in acting as a liaison or a reviewer, please sign up on the wiki or let me know so I can add your name. If there are other groups or documents we should review, please mention them on this mailing list so we can add them to the wiki. We will discuss this in more detail at our upcoming virtual meeting and establish some dates for completing this initial work.
David Wilcox
Fedora Product Manager
Skype Name: david.wilcox82