2016-02-19 RPRD Virtual Meeting

Notes from the
RDA Repository Platforms for Research Data IG: virtual meeting on Friday, Feb. 19, 2016 at 10:00 EST (15:00 UTC)
Participants: Ralph Mueller-Pfefferkorn, Hans van Piggelen, Natalie Meyers, Robert Downs, Wouter Haak, Reagan Moore, Stefan Kramer
Notes: Stefan Kramer
Ralph added a COUNT column to the matrix, as simply MEANs of the scores will not give rows (requirements) with more values filled in more weight; e.g. a single "2" would have a score of "2" as would a requirement with three 2s.  We still need to figure out a final formula for scoring requirements based on the values in the use case columns, and the group is invited to make suggestions.
Natalie volunteered Notre Dame's Reid Boehm for filling in some use cases.
Stefan volunteered to take a stab at de-duplicating/merging categories and requirements after the matrix is closed to the addition of new use cases. (It wouldn't make sense to do it before then as new use cases may well introduce new requirements.) 
Ralph suggested inviting attendees at the Tokyo plenary to add to the matrix.
Robert suggested sending around an Excel copy of the matrix to new contributors, rather than having them add directly to the matrix.  This met with approval.
Rick Johnson from Notre Dame will attend the plenary in Tokyo; from Mendeley Data/Elsevier, Wouter Haak & Joe Shell will
New Working Group spinning off from this interest group will be proposed - see Tokyo meeting agenda item no. 3.
Between the Tokyo and Denver plenaries, we will seek input on the matrix of use cases and functional requirements from actual  developers of repository platforms (Dataverse, DKAN, Islandora, ...,?), since they are a target audience of this IG's deliverable. Stefan will solicit and collect input on the IG mailing list for who should be contacted.
The next virtual meeting will take place March 11, 10:00 U.S. Eastern time.