2016-09-15 RPRD P8 Meeting

Original Agenda: https://rd-alliance.org/ig-repository-platforms-research-data-rda-8th-pl...

1.    Introduction
2.    Review of work to date
3.    Publishing the use case matrix and documentation
4.    Nominations for new co-chairs
5.    Introduction to the Research Data Repository Interoperability working group
6.    Next Steps
1.    New working groups
2.    Future work

1. Introductions
David gave a brief overview of the history of the IG. It turned out that about 2/3 of the participants of the session were new to the group. 

2. Review of work to date
David gave an overview what had been done in the last time by the group members to collect the use case and to construct the matrix.

3. Publishing the use case matrix and documentation
Stefan presented the matrix and described its content as well as the accompanying document depicting the approach of the group. It was decided that the current version of the matrix will be finalized as a first deliverable of the IG and will be published as a “supporting output” of RDA.
For further versions of the matrix it was proposed to split the matrix into basic functional requirements and requirement add-ons/wishes. There was also an interest expression in a more detailed analysis of the requirements.

4. Nominations for new co-chairs
Robert Downs introduced himself as a candidate for co-chair.

5. Introduction to the Research Data Repository Interoperability working group
David gave an introduction to the new working group that was spun off from this IG.

6. Next Steps
Ideas for new working groups were collected:
•    review of existing/emergent repository platforms regarding the list of requirements in the matrix
•    second edition of the matrix
•    conducting a survey on functional requirements from individuals
•    collect user experiences with repositories
Ideas on other IG activities were collected:
•    plenary sessions: invited presentations on user experiences, repositories, repository software
•    invite repository developers to present their software regarding the matrix
•    direct discussions between users and repository providers
•    High level overview of repository systems
•    contact repository providers directly and ask for requirements and/or their reasons for their decision for the solution they use
Possible collaborations with other IG/WG 
•    RDA/WDS Certification of Digital Repositories IG: aligning our requirements with the certification requirements
•    Brokering IG
•    RDA/WDS Publishing Data Services WG
In the next virtual meetings the group will discuss the proposals