2016-08-29 RPRD Virtual Meeting

Notes from the

RDA Repository Platforms for Research Data IG virtual meeting on Monday, Aug. 29, 2016 at 14:00 UTC

Virtual meeting host:  Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn
Notes: Stefan Kramer
Further participants: David Wilcox, Amy Nuernberger, Natalie Mayers, Robert Downs

The co-chairs have combined, and thereby reduced the number of, the functional requirements in the matrix over the summer, and are reviewing the submitted use cases vis-a-vis the revised matrix for quality control, with a goal of finalizing that by the end of this week. They will then contact the use case submitters to check their own uses cases against the revised matrix, with a deadline of Sep. 12 (the Monday before RDA Plenary 8).

No *new* use cases will be added to this "edition" of the matrix.  However, this IG might spawn a new, future WG to work on a "2nd ed." of the matrix; see agenda revisions below.

Stefan will resubmit an updated agenda for our IG's meeting at P8, with the following revisions:

- strike "We will also launch the development of an online survey..." from the meeting objectives, and item "3.) discuss process for the development of the online survey..." from the agenda items.

- change "4.) solicit nominations for one new co-chair of the RPRD IG" to "ask attending self-nominees for the two co-chair positions to introduce themselves"

- add to "5.) ... and brainstorm any other WGs that might be generated by this IG": those could include a WG to review existing repository platform products against the functional requirements in the matrix published by this IG; a WG to work on a future updated edition of that matrix; and a WG to launch a survey to gather more input on functional requirements for research data repository platforms." 

- change the address of the matrix-to-review from  http://tinyurl.com/hqqal8h to the new one (of the Google Sheet "Sorted_Reduced RPRD_AnalysisMatrix_v3" that was reviewed during this call).

The meeting ended after one hour.