RE: [rda-repoplatforms-ig] self-nominations for new co-chairs - deadline June 4, and information request

22 May 2017

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co-chairs - deadline June 4, and information request
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Dear members of the RDA Repository Platforms for Research Data 

The deadline for the self-nominations (see appended email from 
Ralph) is June 4, 2017. The current, and any further, nominees 
are requested to send the following information to the three 
current co-chairs (see email addresses below), also by June 4, 
so that it may be shared with the IG members for the subsequent 

- the reason(s) for wanting to serve as a future co-chair of 
this IG;
- their geographic region & gender; 
- their ideas for the future work of the IG.

Your co-chairs,

Robert R. Downs <>
Stefan Kramer <>
Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn <ralph.mueller-pfefferkorn@tu->

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> Subject: [rda-repoplatforms-ig] self-nominations for new co-

> Dear members of the RDA Repository Platforms for Research Data 

> we are seeking self-nominations for new co-chairs to join 
Robert Downs
> and Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn and to replace David Wilcox (who 
> down after Plenary 9) and Stefan Kramer (who is stepping down 
> mid-summer 2017).
> The post-nomination (s)election process will be determined by 
> continuing co-chairs.

> You can self-nominate here:

> Regards,
> Robert Downs,
> Stefan Kramer,
> Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn

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    Author: Robert Downs

    Date: 06 Jun, 2017

    Dear members of the RDA RPRD IG,
    After soliciting nominations for candidates to serve as additional
    co-chairs of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Repository Platforms for
    Research Data (RPRD) Interest Group (IG), we are pleased to report that we
    have five candidates. In preparation for our election, we are initially
    providing information on the candidates nominated for the additional
    co-chair positions. Please expect to receive a separate email message
    inviting you to vote in the election to fill the two additional co-chair
    positions within the next few days and find the list, below, in
    alphabetical order, of the five candidates who have been nominated to serve
    as additional co-chairs of the RDA RPRD IG.
    Sridhar Gutam
    Mike Jones (Mendeley Data)
    João Rocha da Silva
    André Schaaff
    Dr Mayank Trivedi
    The candidates also were asked to submit a statement about their candidacy
    and one statement has been received. Please find, below, the candidate's
    statement received from João Rocha da Silva:
    - - - - Beginning of Candidate's Statement from João Rocha da
    Silva - - - -
    The reason(s) for wanting to serve as a future co-chair of this IG
    The topic of repository platforms for research data is very close to my
    research topics and expertise, as I have been working on research data
    management since 2011. I am currently a PostDoc researcher at INESC TEC and
    the lead developer of Dendro, a “Dropbox+Semantic Wiki” for researchers to
    store, describe and share data to any repository (we implement deposit to
    practically all platforms). I am also co-author of a recent overview of
    repository platforms.
    I got my PhD in 2016 with the topic “Usage-driven Application Profile
    generation using Ontologies”, where I designed and built a system that
    would help researchers describe their datasets using sets of descriptors
    suited to their domain. In short, I am passionate about Open Science and
    data sharing.
    I feel that we need to give development work much needed recognition in
    order to entice more developers to write code for open-source repository
    platforms. At the same time, we should reinforce the connection with
    researchers, since they are the users of the platforms we so carefully
    develop and implement.
    My experience with researchers tells me that they need to know more about
    repository platforms and try them out, so that they 1. Champion for their
    adoption at their institutions and research groups, 2. Tell platform
    developers how it went, so that they can continuously improve their
    software and 3. Turn this experience into success stories that the IG can
    use to illustrate the value of a repository platform for research at large.
    Geographic Region & Gender
    I am a 30-year-old male. I live in Porto, Portugal.
    Ideas for the future work of the IG
    The IG should serve as a platform to bring together users (researchers),
    open-source developers, platforms providers and the institutions who need a
    data repository. I believe that the IG should:
    - Raise awareness among researchers at the institutions of our group
    members about the existing data management platforms and inquire about what
    they need a repository platform to do. It would be very interesting to
    perform a before/after study to determine the impact of the IG in said
    - Identify repository platform “champions” and success stories for every
    main repository platform, the people responsible for implementation, lists
    of modifications or parametrization that had to be made to the base
    software, any training initiatives and how researchers responded to them;
    - Provide an updated overview of requirements for a data repository and
    how well the main platforms in the “market” satisfy those requirements.
    Players such as CKAN, DuraSpace, Zenodo, EUDAT and Figshare should be
    invited to weigh in, helping potential adopters to choose between them,
    while contributing with requirements for their development roadmaps;
    - Launch developer calls and hackathons for CS students and other
    developers to contribute to open-source software in research contexts or
    otherwise. The RDA Repository Platforms IG “brand” should start to appear
    in publications of young researchers who want to get into data repositories.
    - - - - End of Candidate's Statement from João Rocha da Silva
    - - - -
    Your Co-Chairs,
    Robert R. Downs <***@***.***>
    Stefan Kramer <***@***.***>
    Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn <***@***.***>

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