RDA RPRD IG: new co-chair / notes from 2016-09-15 meeting

26 Sep 2016

Dear members of the RDA Repository Platforms for Research Data IG,
The first call for self-nominations for future co-chairs of our IG is now closed. We had one candidate, for starting in Sep. 2016, who introduced himself at our IG's meeting at the Plenary in Denver: Robert Downs. Since there were no other candidates, we aim to not run an election for this position, unless there are objections by Thursday.
Also, the notes from our meeting in Denver are now posted on our IG's wiki. Thanks to everyone who came!
Your co-chairs,
David Wilcox <***@***.***>
Stefan Kramer <***@***.***>
Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn <***@***.***-dresden.de>