New charter for RPRD

13 Mar 2018

Dear members of the IG RPRD,
initially, our interest group had a focus on collecting requirements for repository platforms based on use cases. The goal was to set up a requirement matrix which we finished more than a year ago. In the last meetings we talked and discussed with repository users, operators, and platform developers on experiences, limitations, and improvements. Thus, we - the co-chairs - thought it might be time to reflect this new manner also in a new IG charter. Our old charter was focused on the matrix. Our proposal will not change our major goal - improving repository platforms - but will give our IG a wider scope.
Please, take a look at the proposal and give us feedback. We will finally discuss the charter in a telco after the Berlin plenary.
Bob, João and Ralph
Proposal for new charter:
Research data repositories are at the heart of data sharing as they provide platforms to acquire, store, archive, publish, curate, preserve, and access data. Thus, the major goal of the Repository Platforms for Research Data (RPRD) Interest Group (IG) is to improve the usability and technical capabilities of repository platforms. To achieve this, the RPRD IG invites members of the research data community to collect usage experiences, define requirements, evaluate implementations, and identify limitations of current solutions in a cooperation of repository users, managers, providers, and developers. Possible outputs of our efforts might be recommendations, knowledge collections, or new working groups to investigate identified issues.
Old charter:
Institutions, scientists, IT personnel, developers, data archivists and other members of the research data community often have to identify, choose, use, deploy, adapt, enhance, or develop the best possible repository platform to meet particular research data needs. To support that, the original charter of the Repository Platforms for Research Data Interest Group (RPRD IG), formed at RDA Plenary 5 in March 2015, was to "gather and analyze research data use cases in the context of repository platform requirements. The primary deliverable will be a matrix relating use cases with functional requirements for repository platforms."
This matrix, along with an accompanying document on how it was created, was finalized and published in Nov. 2016, and can also be found under RDA Supporting Outputs.
As of RDA Plenary 9, the RPRD IG's focus is the collection of experiences with selecting, implementing, and using specific research data repository platforms/products across institutions and domains, with reference to the aforementioned functional requirements. From this, the IG may identify potential gaps between needs and solutions in the current research data repository environment, and will seek opportunities to propose the formation of new RDA working groups to address them.